Diamond Insurance Brokerage & Consultancy offers claims assistance as part of its services. This includes professional assistance in preparation of claim documentation, liaison and follow-up with surveyors and insurers. it also have dedicated and experienced claims personnel to assist clients in their needs.

What you need to do in the event of a claim:

As part of the general requirements in the event of an accident loss or injury which may lead to a possible claim, the following steps should be followed.


  • Immediate notification of a potential or actual claim to your insurers is very critical. Insurers could deny liability if they can prove that delay has resulted in prejudicing their rights in any way.
  • Notify immediately as required the relevant authorities e.g. Police, Civil Defense, Port Authorities.
  • Take all reasonable action to minimize the loss.
  • Preserve all recovery rights by holding the parties causing the loss / damage responsible.
  • Pass on all letters, writs, claims, summons to us immediately for onward transmission to Insurers.
  • Act with reasonable dispatch.


  • Do not make any offer, admission, promise or payment to anybody without express written instructions from Insurers.
  • Do not make any false statement or conceal relevant information.
  • Do not leave the affected insured property unattended or unprotected.